Storage Tips


Caution:  Do not store anything COMBUSTIBLE, i.e. paint, thinner, gasoline, solvents.  Any item with a gas tank (auto, lawnmower, tools, etc.) should be stored with an empty tank.

Fragile Items

Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in cardboard and marked “fragile”.  Store on end. Never stack too close to the door as items may jam the door’s operation or fall against it after you close it.

Item Care

Always leave refrigerator and freezer doors ajar. Do not place heavy or sharp objects on upholstered furniture.

Item Protection

Increase the airflow in your unit by placing your items on top of pallets. Plastic storage totes will also protect your items better over time vs carboard boxes.


Mice can get through an opening the size of a dime.  Protect your goods; boxes, clothing furniture by using a dryer sheet and/or mothballs placed near the opening to discourage them from nesting in your unit.


Always leave refrigerator and freezer doors ajar.

Air Circulation

We always recommend going up a size. This also allows easier access to your items and less likely to damage your belongings.

Door Locks

Use a good quality lock on your door.  Cheap locks rust and poor quality combination locks will soon fail after exposure to the weather.